Emily Hobbs
Biographical information
Full name Emily Sarah Brianna Hobbs
Nickname(s) Mily, Emms
Born March 3, 1998 (Age 14-17)
Gender Female
Resides Hollywood, California
Occupation Student at John Michaels High School
Physical description
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue
Parents David
Siblings Joe

Maximus Hobbs

Spouse Xander McGinley (Future Spouse)
Children Mason Jason Hobbs-McGinley (Future Kid)
Relatives Aunt Milley
Romances Xander McGinley (Boyfriend/Future Husband)Malik Welch (sometimes in David Hobbs Way

Matthew Pearson (ex-boyfriend)Broke Up

Frenemies Riley Girl, Chris Girl
Enemies Joshua Mascan
Series information
Portrayed by Ryan Newman
First appearance Pilot

Emily Sarah Hobbs is the oldest child of the Hobbs family. She is portrayed by Disney XD's former star, Ryan Newman.


Emily Hobbs is sister to Joe and Janie, and the eldest of the three Hobbs kids. She is also Millie Vinton's fave in 'See Dad Run'. While she deals with the everyday drama that comes with being a teenager, her biggest dilemma revolves around a patchy relationship with her dear ol' dad, David.[1]


David Hobbs

David is Emily`s dad

Amy Hobbs

Amy Hobbs is her mother

Joe Hobbs

Joe is Emily's younger brother.

Janie Hobbs

Janie is Emily's younger sister.

Matthew Pearson

Matthew Pearson is Emily's broke up ex-boyfriend. Dated for 102 days.


Mary is Emily`s best friend and has been since birth. She lives across the street from the Hobbs and does a lot of things with Emily. Xander McGinley ​ Xander is currently Emily's Boyfriend. They have been dating for a month and Emily has been over to the McGinley house 5 times for dinner. They started dating in See Dad Be Normalish. But,after the most recent episode with Xander, there was an episode called See Dad Send Emily Flowers. This is the wikipedia descript David sending Emily flowers with the card missing, leads to Emily thinking that she has a secret admirer. Now, David must scramble to find someone to be Emily's admirer. David's mom gets Joe and Janie new cell phones, much to Amy's chagrin. So why would David need to find Emily a secret admirer if Emily and Xander are still dating? There is no known heard news about Jack Griffo (Xander) being on upcoming episodes yet. Before they dated Xander and Emily did not like each other as shown in See Dad McLivin' with the McGinley.


  • She takes French.
  • She likes shopping.
  • Matthew Pearson was her first broke - up boyfriend.
  • She is currently dating Xander.
  • She is a great person with a nice person on her side!!!
  • She would had been born in August 3rd but Amy decide to make it closer to hers .


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