Jessica Amanda Hobbs
Janie Hobbs
Biographical information
Full name Jessica Amanda Hobbs
Nickname(s) Janie (by everyone)
Born 15th December 2005
Gender Female
Resides Los Angles, Hollywood
Occupation Student at Hollywood State Elementary School
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Parents David Hobbs
Amy Hobbs
Siblings Emily Hobbs
Joe Hobbs
Friends Dr. Monkey Chucks
Frenemies none
Enemies none
Series information
Portrayed by Bailey Michelle Brown

Janie Samantha Hobbs is the youngest Hobbs kid of See Dad Run. She is portrayed by Bailey Michelle Brown. She is so cute


Janie is sweet as pie and a real crowd pleaser. Small as she is, her age never gets in the way of her having her own voice... even if it means getting wrapped into some sticky situations from time to time![1]


David Hobbs

David is Janie's father.

Amy Hobbs

Amy is Janie's mother.

Emily Hobbs

Emily is Janie's older sister.

Joe Hobbs

Joe is Janie's older brother.


  • Janie's catchphrases are "Because I'm cute" and "I'm 5".
  • She seems to compete with Joe on various things like: who is more liked our who can get the most things.