Joseph Carlos Hobbs
Joe Hobbs
Biographical information
Full name Joseph Carlos Hobbs
Nickname(s) Joe
Born June 25th, 2001 (age 14)
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Physical description
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Parents David Hobbs
Amy Hobbs
Siblings Emily Hobbs
Janie Hobbs
Relatives Lane Brockton

Alex Michaels Richard Masons Adrenal Michaels

Romances Amanda (Girlfriend) Mary (former)
Series information
Portrayed by Jackson Brundage

Joe Hobbs is the middle child of the Hobbs family. He is portrayed by Jackson Brundage.


Joe is the middle child of the Hobbs clan, which might explain some of his wacky actions. Though he can take himself a little too seriously at times (he hates being late!), it doesn't stop him from all the fun that comes with being a kid. All Joe's quirky characteristics make him kind of a nerd. Joe gets nervous very easily. During episode 2, (See Dad Lose Janie) just hearing about his father losing Janie caused him to need to breathe in a paper bag and "go to his happy place". To go any futher, like asking him to keep a secret, messes up Joe's insides. In See Dad Lose Janie, Joe thinks David is going to ask him to keep a secret. [1]


David Hobbs

David is Joe's father. 

Amy Hobbs

Amy is Joe's mother.

Emily Hobbs

Emily is Joe's older sister and the oldest child in the family. Despite sometimes being mean to Joe sometimes, Emily is kind to Joe and helped him realise that Joe liked Amanda in "See Dad Swoon".

Janie Hobbs

Janie is Joe's younger sister.


  • A running gag in the show is Joe farting during stressful events or someone commenting on his "insides".
  • he is born on Christmas Day
  • He looks like Chad Michael Murray on One Tree Hill in real life.